edTPA requires you to video record segments of lessons for evaluations. You can use multiple tools to edit and compress your video such as Movie Maker, iMovie, and Handbrake.

Movie Maker

To upload video into Movie Maker using a memory card you should:

  1. Open Movie Maker and click on "add videos and photos"
  2. Click on "removable disc (G:)”
  3. Click on "private" folder
  4. Click on the "AVCHD" folder
  5. Click on the "BDMV" folder
  6. Click on the "stream" folder
  7. Click on the video file. If there are multiple files, your file will typically be the last one. Your video file will begin to upload into Movie Maker.
  8. Once your movie is complete, you will be able to begin watching and/or editing your video.

To edit or trim your video in Movie Maker you should:

  1. Click on "edit" on the top tool bar
  2. Click on the "trim tool" option on the top tool bar
  3. You can manipulate the beginning and end points of the video by moving the rectangular beginning and ending blocks located on the video timeline. Once you are finished trimming the video, click on "save trim." For more information on trimming your clips watch this video.
  4. To save the trimmed movie, click on the file icon and click on "save movie"
  5. Click on "for email"
  6. Name your movie and save in your desired folder

iMovie support

Below are some helpful resources on using iMovie.


Learn to compress your files using Handbrake.
You can also learn to merge multiple files using a smartphone or computer.