The following information is important for all University of Wisconsin-Platteville students regarding the drop/refund policies.

The financial implication of dropping a class depends upon when the class is dropped and payment type. Information about this and other fees you may see on your account are outlined below. Please read the following information carefully.

Review the Academic Calendar information to determine the important dates, including drop deadlines and refund schedules, for each type of course you are taking this semester [regular session, eight-week session, print, collaborative, etc.]

Additional Fees

  • You will be charged a $35 Registration Fee each semester when you register for UW-Platteville courses. This fee follows the standard refund schedule. Collaborative degree program courses are excluded.
  • Late adds after the published deadline will be assessed a $45 Late Registration Fee. This fee must be paid prior to adding the course and cannot be waived.
  • A course may have additional course fees on top of regular tuition charges.  Course fees are classified in three different ways:
    • Individual Billed – Fees that are applied to student billing statements as directed by the instructor and could appear anytime during the semester.
    • Direct Billed – Fees that follow directly with registration in the class and are included with the initial billing statement.
    • Varying out-of-pocket – Fees that are incurred when the student would have to purchase items as needed from local or campus sources. 
    • It is the student’s responsibility to investigate course fees before registering. Consult the Knowledge Base for Finding an Additional Course Fee at or visit Higher Education Opportunity Act | UW-Platteville
  • There is a $45 Drop Fee for dropping a course (regardless of credits) after class has begun. The date that the fee will start depends on the format and session of the course you are taking. Review the Academic Calendar (linked above).
  • For FALL and SPRING semesters, if you drop to zero credits during the first two weeks of class will be assessed a Withdrawal Fee. The fee is $50 for dropping to zero credits during the first week and increases to $100 for the second week. If the only class dropped is an 8-week class, the Withdrawal Fee is $50 for dropping within the first week. The Withdrawal Fee is not assessed during summer term.
  • $50 Degree Assessment Fee is posted when you are assigned a Graduation Application shortly before you complete your course work.

Financial Aid

  • Due to federal regulations, UW-Platteville is required to verify that you are participating in your courses prior to the census date of each semester. You can view the "Participation Policy" by searching under "P" in the ONLINE A-Z index.
  • If you receive any type of federal financial aid (including Federal Direct Loans and/or PLUS Loans) and then withdraw from the university or reduce your credit load, your financial aid eligibility will be re-calculated. A percentage of the aid may be considered unearned and may have to be returned to the funding source and YOU will be billed for that amount.

Refund Policies

  • Tuition paid by credit card in PASS will be refunded back to the card used and will be posted according to the policies of the financial institution. If the refund is rejected for any reason, it will be delivered electronically via direct deposit to the bank account you have entered in PASS. Refunds for payments made by e-check, phone, personal check, money order, or financial aid will be delivered electronically via direct deposit to the bank account you have entered in PASS. Students that do not have Direct Deposit set up in PASS will receive a paper check in the mail which could take up to 30 days to receive.

Past Due Amounts

  • You will be charged $20 for all checks returned or denied by the bank for ANY reason. Be sure to use the correct bank routing and account numbers for electronic check transactions to avoid this charge. You will not be allowed to register for a new term until all fees from the prior term have been paid.
  • You are responsible for the payment of all charges posted to your account. If you have third party payment arrangements (i.e., financial aid, veteran's benefits, etc.), you are responsible for all charges to your account that are not paid by those parties for ANY reason.
  • You are responsible for all costs associated with past due amounts that are referred to a collection agency including, but not limited to, attorney fees and collection agency fees. Accounts sent to a collection agency are also sent to the credit bureaus. If your account is sent to collection, you will be withdrawn from the university.