If you have questions on the UW system Lawton Grant, please contact Kari Hill at hillkar@uwplatt.edu or 608/342.6197!

The Lawton grant is a UW Systems grant to assist under-represented student retention at UW-Platteville. Only Wisconsin residents are eligible for this state-funded grant. The amount you are awarded will be determined by your GPA, programming attended, campus involvement, and financial need as determined by your completed financial aid application. The maximum award is $4000/year.

Here are the requirements for Lawton (effective Fall 2013):

  • Wisconsin resident;
  • Show financial need (Current FAFSA financial aid application must be completed);
  • Be a statutorily designated minority student: African-American, Latino, Native American or statutorily designated Southeast Asian (Vietnamese, Cambodian, Laotian, Hmong);
  • Sophomore standing (minimum of 24 credits);
  • Enroll in and complete at least 24 credits per academic year;
  • In good academic standing and making satisfactory academic progress. Good academic standing is defined as a minimum or higher 2.0 cumulative GPA;
  • Minimum award amount is $1000/year; maximum award amount is $4000/year;
  • Full-time students are allowed up to four academic years for a maximum of $16,000 per student;
  • Lawton money may not be awarded to a student whose name appears on the statewide support lien docket under s. 49.854 (2) (b), unless the student provides to the board a payment agreement that has been approved by the county child support agency under s. 59.53 (5) and that is consistent with rules promulgated under s. 49.858 (2) (a);
  • Attendance at specified programming on campus, including financial literacy. At the beginning of the Fall semester recipients will be provided a list of approved programming to attend.

Your cumulative GPA combined with campus leadership and engagement will determine the award bracket you are eligible for. If you are able to demonstrate significant campus engagement and leadership (i.e. executive member of a campus student organization, significant campus leadership awards, etc.) you may be considered for a bump into the next award bracket that your GPA places you in. However, you must meet all minimum GPA and financial aid requirements to be eligible for an award. This is a competitive grant and the essay question, in addition to your GPA, will be determining factors in who is awarded aid.

Lawton Programming Points Rubric