The purpose of UW-Platteville’s MSE program with an emphasis in English education is to provide graduate students in China with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to teach English as a second language effectively and at a level which is developmentally appropriate to their students.


Graduates will:

  1. exhibit competence in oral and written English at a level appropriate to non-native speakers
  2. apply the scholarship of teaching and learning in a culturally diverse “English as a Second or Other Language” classroom environment
  3. analyze their own cultural predispositions in order to achieve competency in intercultural communication
  4. demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze, and apply current research in ESL and TESOL/TESL
  5. synthesize comparative methodologies by investigating and discussing various theories of second-language acquisition
  6. demonstrate an understanding of the similarities and differences in the Chinese and U.S. approaches to language-teaching pedagogy