Community Ambassadors for Students from Abroad

The CASA program (Community Ambassadors for Students from Abroad) provides a unique opportunity for international students to experience U.S. culture with local community members from the Platteville area, and for local community members to learn from and build relationships with students from all over the world.

Students do not live with their assigned community ambassador(s); however, as participants in the CASA program, students would be paired with a family or individual who lives in the Platteville area. Approximately once per month, community ambassadors invite their student(s) to participate in daily activities with them, such as attending a sporting event or birthday party, going shopping, going out for coffee, making dinner, or traveling to a nearby city. This will give students the opportunity to get to know more about U.S. culture by experiencing it with a local U.S. American or U.S. American family.

New degree-seeking international students who arrive in the spring would have the opportunity to be matched with a community member starting the following fall.

Contact Information

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