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Ryan Haasl & Becky Doyle-Morin - Exploratory site visit to England to develop "Jurassic Coast" short-term faculty led program

Grant Proposal Summary: The Jurassic Coast of England: fossils, books, and deep time is an academic program meant to guide students to a more nuanced understanding of time and how our conception of time influences intellectual endeavors in a number of historical disciplines. The Jurassic Coast of England—a 95 mile coastal region along southern England and a World Heritage Site, renowned for its geological diversity and beauty—is central to the intellectual vein of our program. The first dinosaur species ever described were found along the Jurassic Coast in the 19th Century. Using a key example of the relationship between time and understanding of history, they will also explore human and literary history through visits to sites ranging from the Neolithic (Stonehenge) to the Roman Conquest of Britain (Roman Baths and Hadrian’s Wall) to the Middle Ages (Tintagel Castle and Glastonbury Abbey) to Elizabethan England (Stratford-upon-Avon) to the 19th Century (the Brontë Parsonage and Beatrix Potter’s home in Lake District National Park). They will also emphasize the ground-breaking roles of extraordinary women. Their goal is to have students integrate international encounters with historical sites under a thesis that how our conceptions of time impact the practice of varied historical pursuits.

Kristopher Wright - Sabbatical in Fiji to familiarize self with USP partnership and further develop opportunities for study abroad and faculty exchange

Grant Proposal Summary: A portion of Dr. Wright's Spring 2019 sabbatical, he will be traveling to Suva, Fiji for 4 weeks to: familiarize himself with Fiji, Fijian culture, and USP, work with the two on-site program coordinators (Kristofer Stice and Kyle Stice) to explore ways to enhance the program and the students’ experiences, meet with USP faculty and discuss courses and the curriculum, present guest lectures and/or participate in course activities at USP, explore possible research opportunities and collaborations with USP biologists, and conduct some stream sampling/research to obtain data from Fiji that students could compare with Wisconsin systems. These proposed activities would enhance UW-Platteville’s long-term internationalization efforts through enrichment of the current program and exploring new opportunities related to the program. Particular outcomes will likely include, but are not limited to: more effective advising of students participating in the program, providing broader, more comprehensive perspective when encouraging prospective students to participate, ensuring an enriching international and cultural experience for each participating student, enhanced course work and academic opportunities for participating students, possible collaborative research and/or academic opportunities between USP and UW Platteville.

Dawn Lee - Site visit to SAIIE to develop STFL program (Seville, Spain)

Grant Proposal Summary: A short-term faculty led program is being planned for Winterim 2019 in Spain. This proposal is for a site visit to allow the faculty member and the academic staff member to connect with the on-site program coordinators and faulty. They will have first-hand experience with the program as they participate in educational and cultural experiences with a student group that will be on-site in January. This visit will forge new relationships and cooperation with UW-Platteville and Seville, Spain. The purpose of the site visit to Seville, Spain include learning and evaluating and/ or gaining exposure to economic principles and management practices of vertically integrated agricultural business, the basics of international trade, advantages and barriers, and the history, culture and monuments of Spain.