You can major or minor in a foreign language at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville for aesthetic enrichment. You should also consider language study as a marketable part of becoming an effective member of the global business, medical, technological, or agricultural economy.

Learning to Communicate  

The study of foreign languages is primarily the study of communications at different levels within the Germanic, Francophone, and Hispanic cultures. We now also offer Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese.

Language and culture are inseparable. Through language and its many expressions: literature, civilization, music, and more, our students learn to communicate fluently and within a cultural context.

Advantages at UW-Platteville  

The UW-Platteville foreign languages program offers some unique advantages. You will learn a foreign language in small conversation classes that immerse you in the language and culture.

Listening is so important in language acquisition. Our language laboratory provides you with electronic equipment which will help you learn to speak and understand a foreign language. Our laboratory also serves as a library and is open to you 30 hours per week.

Soon, we will offer computer and video lab stations as well as our current audio stations.

Experienced Faculty  

We have experienced faculty who have first-hand knowledge of the subject matter through extensive travel abroad and contact with the culture.

Our faculty employ the most progressive teaching methods, and we offer study abroad programs and travel-abroad seminars in which you can travel to Europe, Central and South America, or other parts of the globe, while earning college credits.

Retroactive Credit

If you had a year or more of foreign language in high school, you may be eligible for free retro credits as a UW-Platteville student. If you complete a second semester or higher foreign language course at UW-Platteville and receive an A or a B in that course, you'll receive FREE retro credits for the course(s) that you did not need to take.

What retro credits can do for you:

  • Retro credits count toward the major and minor in a foreign language. Students who place into a third-semester language course can complete half of a foreign language minor as a first-semester freshman.
  • Retro credits may be used to meet general education requirements in humanities and international education, saving time toward graduation.
  • Retro credits apply toward your total accumulation of credits, so you can register earlier.
  • Retro credits could save you as much as $2,000 in tuition costs.

Administration & Faculty

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