What you'll learn in the HELIOS program

UW-Platteville’s College of Liberal Arts and Education launched the new Helios Program in fall 2022 to enhance opportunities for students to explore humanities concepts and learn about some of the most pressing issues affecting our global society. Through this exciting new program, students can earn their Certificate of Integrated Liberal Arts by completing coursework focused on one of two thematic clusters: environment and sustainability or law and conflict resolution.

If you’re undecided on your major, this is the perfect opportunity to explore different academic fields of study while earning a credential. If you enjoy learning through discussion, projects, and collaboration, this program would be a good fit for you. All UW-Platteville students are eligible to earn the Certificate of Integrated Liberal Arts. You can complete the certificate while fulfilling general education requirements, as you work towards earning your bachelor’s degree.

The Helios Program is funded in part through grant awards from the Teagle Foundation and National Endowment for the Humanities. It offers a new way to engage students in collaborative learning through a cohort model. Students in the Helios Program will engage in a mix of learning inside and outside of the classroom by attending cultural programs, lectures, social activities, and through project-based learning and independent research.

Exciting Coursework

To achieve the Certificate of Integrated Liberal Arts, you will take four courses and earn 12 credits in one of the two designated thematic clusters. Through this coursework, students can complete general education requirements while working towards the certificate. 

The program begins with a gateway course, designed for first-year students. You will choose one of two English courses: English 1130: College Writing I; or English 1230: College Writing II. Participating in this course will help you develop your skills in communication, qualitative analysis, and collaboration. 

In the environment and sustainability pathway, you can explore topics that include understanding the relationship of humans and the natural environment, the effects of ecosystem disruption, and the use and misuse of natural resources. Coursework in this theme draws from different academic disciplines including English, history, philosophy, and sociology. 

In the law and conflict resolution pathway, you can explore the conflict and change in U.S. and global contexts to gain an understanding of different justice systems and their impact on all aspects of society. Coursework in this theme draws from different academic disciplines, including criminal justice, philosophy, political science, and sociology.

To enroll in the Helios Program, contact your academic adviser.

Learn by doing

The new Certificate of Liberal Arts, offered by the Helios Program, is perfect for students interested in exploring different academic fields as they work towards earning a bachelor’s degree.

Build your career skills

Through the coursework, students will gain workforce skills that include critical thinking, oral and written communication, analysis, and interpretation of data. Employers highly value these skills (2021 AACU Employer Report, “How College Contributes to Workforce Success”).

Whether you plan to pursue a career in education, business, arts, engineering, law, environmental science, or any other field, the Certificate of Integrated Liberal Arts will put you on the path to future success, and expose you to new possibilities.