Courses eligible for test-out

The Engineering Physics Department offers test-outs for PHYSICS 2240 (General Physics I). Please note it’s possible to test out of other courses using AP or similar national or international examinations. Also, you may have college credit from another institution. If you have questions about a test you’re planning to take or have taken, or questions about transfer credits, please email

Test-out dates

Test-outs for PHYSICS 2240 are generally offered from 5:30-8 p.m. on the Thursday of the first week and the Tuesday of the ninth week of each regular semester (fall and spring). You must register at least two days in advance of the test-out.

To register for a test-out exam, email

Scope of the test-out

The PHYSICS 2240 test-out consists of two parts.

PART 1 (150 pts)

This portion of the test-out is a standard final exam for the lecture material from our calculus-based mechanics course. Here are the relevant chapter ranges for some of the standard textbooks:

  • University Physics (14th ed.) by Young & Freedman: Chapters 1-11 and 14-16.
  • Physics for Scientists and Engineers (10th ed.) by Serway & Jewett: Chapters 1-12 and 15-17.
  • Fundamentals of Physics (10th ed.) by Halliday, Resnick & Walker: Chapters 1-12 and 15-17.

PART 2 (50 pts)

This portion of the test-out covers data analysis skills that are taught in the laboratory portion of PHYSICS 2240. If you have transcripted credit for PHYSICS 1350: Introductory Physics I at UW-Platteville, you are not required to complete this portion of the test-out to obtain credit for PHYSICS 2240. If you believe you are entitled to skip the laboratory component of the test-out, please make that clear when you register.

Test-out exam passing score

You must achieve a score of 70% or higher on the exam. If you take both parts, the total score out of 200 points is used to determine if you pass. It’s not possible to pass one part of the test-out and fail the other and receive partial credit for PHYSICS 2240. If you take only Part 1 of the test, your score out of 150 points is used to determine if you pass. You do not get a bonus 50 points if you are eligible to skip the laboratory component.

Test-out exam fees

A $15 per credit test-out fee will need to be paid before you take the test-out exam. The cost will be $60 (four credits x $15) for students who are taking both parts. For students with credit for PHYSICS 1350 who are skipping the laboratory component of the test-out, the cost will be $45. Cash or check payments can be paid on the day of the exam.

Test-out policies

  • A test-out exam can only be completed once.
  • You may not take a test-out exam for PHYSICS 2240 if that course already appears on your UW-Platteville transcript, even if you failed or withdrew from the course.

Advanced Placement (AP) Tests

You will receive credit for the following courses if you scored a three or higher on the following tests:

  • Physics C: Mechanics-AP, credit for PHYSICS 2240
  • Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism-AP, credit for PHYSICS 2340
  • Physics 1, credit for PHYSICS 1350
  • Physics 2, credit for PHYSICS 1450

Note: Most engineering programs at UW-Platteville require calculus-based introductory physics courses of PHYSICS 2240 and PHYSICS 2340.