Manage and complete a real project under real-world constraints in the senior design course. Projects are allocated to student teams according to the emphasis areas. Projects integrate skills developed throughout your undergraduate studies.


Design projects are completed by teams of three to five of your peers during the last semester of studies. Teams also work closely with faculty advisors. Students and faculty advisors meet bi-weekly and other times as need arises.

Project management 

Your Instructor solicits projects, selects projects in consultation with the engineering physics faculty, and organizes kickoff meetings. For the remainder of the semester, each team is responsible for all project management, including meeting deadlines, communicating with client, ensuring that their work stays on schedule, organizing other project meetings, etc.

Attributes of a good project 

The best projects have a very engaged client who will benefit from the work being performed. Projects must have a significant design component and ideally, your team will deliver a final presentation to a diverse audience of stakeholders.