Review the definitions of sexual violence and related topics.

Reporting Resources

The choice to report an incident of sexual violence or sexual harassment is yours and you have options. If you are not sure of what is best for you, you can discuss your options with any of our confidential resources.

All appropriate steps will be taken to respect the privacy of the individuals involved, while maintaining the ability of the University to investigate the incident and take appropriate action. This includes interim measures to ensure the safety and educational rights of all individuals involved, and protection against retaliation. If you are a Responsible Employee and become aware of an act of sexual violence or sexual harassment involving a student or employee, you are required to report it to the University, which may prompt an investigation.  If you have questions about your reporting obligations, please contact the University's Title IX Coordinator at 608.342.1845 or the Dean of Students Office at 608.342.1854.

You also have the right to report to the police and we will assist with that process if requested.

Victim's Rights

Victims are afforded rights by the federal government, the state, and the institution. All students have the right to emotional and physical safety. 

Contact Information

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