In matters of privacy, University Counseling Services adheres to both the ethical standards of the American Counseling Association and the legal standards of the State of Wisconsin. These standards and laws guarantee that everything a student talks about is held in the strictest of confidence. This confidence can be broken only after a student gives written permission to release information.

University Counseling Services will not acknowledge to parents or any university personnel that a student has utilized our services unless the student first gives written authorization. An exception to these standards arises when there is a serious threat or risk of harm to the health and safety of a student or others, or in cases of physical or sexual abuse of a child. Additionally, the courts could subpoena counseling records if made aware of their existence and the records were determined relevant to a criminal case.

On occasion a student may want someone to join them in their counseling session. If that request is made, University Counseling Services cannot guarantee that strict confidentiality will be maintained by said individuals.

From time to time University Counseling Services counselors consult with one another about specific cases in order to provide the most effective service. The information disclosed remains confidential within University Counseling Services, and case consultations are done without the use of names whenever possible. Any exception to this policy requires written consent from the student.

Also, any counseling notes taken by the counselor and any other counseling records (test scores, for example) do not become a part of the students' official university file at any time. If students have any questions about privacy in counseling, a counselor will be glad to discuss them.

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