The Agribusiness program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville provides a curriculum that combines the study of business, marketing, and management practices, specifically related to agriculture. You will learn about farming, farm supply, marketing and processing, and the service sectors of agriculture, while preparing for employment with leading businesses in the agricultural industry.

  • Farm sector - More than just day-to-day farm operations, this sector includes the farm-related businesses that supply feed, seed, machinery, and many other necessities to small and large scale farms alike.
  • Marketing and processing - There are many businesses involved that take a product from the fields and get it to your grocery store. Understanding the steps and organizations involved is critical for success in the industry.
  • Service sector - With a focus on continuous improvement, this┬ásector is all about the information, research, and education that drives all areas of agriculture forward.

In our innovative Agribusiness program, you will learn business, economic, and agricultural science theories; agribusiness management principles; economic principles and concepts; mathematical and quantitative tools of agribusiness management and analysis; and commodity and identity-based marketing practices.

You can also tie the theories of agribusiness with hands-on concepts in agricultural engineering technology either as an emphasis or a minor. Through coursework that promotes hands-on experiences, you will learn about agricultural structures and systems; agricultural machinery and electricity; design and manufacturing processes; and application and design of different conservation practices.

Thanks to the flexibility of our Agribusiness program, you can also easily add a minor or second major to create a more unique student experience. Review the checklist of the agribusiness major or minor, then explore some of our most popular options like a double major with animal science or dairy science, or the agricultural and industrial engineering technology minor or emphasis, to find the path that's right for you. No matter what you choose, you'll be well-prepared for career success.