Criminal Justice

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The Department of Criminal Justice currently offers students the choice between two majors, two minors, and three emphases. Students may choose to declare either a criminal justice major or a forensic investigation major. For those who choose the criminal justice major, they may also choose an emphasis to accompany the major. The emphases to choose from include: law enforcement, corrections, or forensic investigation. Non-criminal justice or non-forensic investigation majors may choose either a criminal justice minor or a forensic investigation minor to accompany whichever major they are currently pursuing outside of the Department of Criminal Justice. More info...


The criminal justice faculty have a wide range of academic and criminal justice experience to enable them to offer a diverse and meaningful educational experience.  The criminal justice department is large enough to ensure personal contact between student and faculty. For a full listing of faculty, see our faculty and staff page.

criminal justice career day

Career Day is an annual event sponsored by the Criminal Justice Association. Representatives from local, state, federal and privalte security agencies will be in attendance. Career Day is open to all students and faculty who are looking for career opportunities or contacts with hiring agencies. High school students are invited to attend as well to learn more about the different career opportunities in the criminal justice field. More info...


The usual requirement for employment in a crime lab to analyze physical evidence is a Bachelor of Science in chemistry although a Bachelor of Science in biology is sometimes useful. The departments of chemistry/physics, biology and criminal justice cooperate to prepare qualified students to be crime laboratory analysts.

  • Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House (FICSH)
    Built specifically for forensic investigation, this completely furnished house provides students with realistic interior crime scenes. It is a unique opportunity to transition from the classroom to the crime scene.
  • Forensic Investigation Research Facility
    Located adjacent to the FICSH, the FIRF is approximately 1.5 acres of fenced land upon which students are able to conduct mock crime scene practicals. It is a working research facility to gather and analyze data on the effects of time and weather on the decomposition rate of remains, specifically hog carcasses.
  • Forensic Investigation Laboratory
    This classroom contains state of the art equipment to train students in forensic investigation techniques such as an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS).

Information about facilities

For more information or questions about criminal justice facilities, contact:

Timothy Juedes
Associate Student Services Coordinator
Tel: 608.342.7673

career Day

2017 Career Day- March 7th

Velzy Commons, Ullsvik Hall

9 am to 2 pm

Open to all students, faculty, and the Public

Please contact the Criminal Justice Association at for more information.


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