Forensic investigation is one of the fastest-growing specializations in the discipline of criminal justice, and UW-Platteville is the first and only public institution of higher education in the Midwest to grant a Bachelor of Science in Forensic Investigation. You’ll learn investigative methods and crime-scene processing techniques such as fingerprint identification, crime-scene mapping, legal aspects, and forensic photography.

The Forensic Investigation Crime Scene House at UW-Platteville, one of just a handful of similar facilities in the country, lets you apply the principles you learn in the classroom, such as recognizing, documenting, collecting, and preserving physical evidence, in simulated crime scenes.

Choose how your degree will best suit your interests by selecting an area of emphasis.

Crime Scene

Examine crime scene techniques focusing on the theory, analysis, and procedures used in the forensic investigation process with an emphasis in crime scene. You’ll find employment in careers such as crime scene investigator, evidence technician, fingerprint and biometrics analyst, fraud examiner, and more.


The laboratory emphasis requires the completion of a minor in biology, chemistry, geography, or physics. With the laboratory emphasis you’ll be prepared for career work as a crime lab technician, medical examiner officer, DNA analyst, and more.