UW-Platteville has a well-established internship program with a vast network of agencies. Our student interns are provided with a challenging program that prepares them for extensive participation within the supervising agency. Students have the opportunity to gain experience within local, state, or national agencies and departments while earning eight elective credits. To begin the application process, please apply.

Department of Criminal Justice Student Interns

Students participating in internships have the opportunity to earn eight elective credits toward their Criminal Justice or Forensic Investigation majors, and can choose from a variety of local, state, and national placements. Over the course of eight 40-hour work weeks, students will log 320 hours of hands-on training. Typically internships consist of weekly assignments and projects managed by a Campus Internship Supervisor.

Student Pre-Requisites

In order to qualify for an internship, students must pass the Writing Proficiency Exam, have completed 60 credits (with 12 credits earned in Major courses at a 3000-4000 Level), and have at least a 2.5 grade point average.

UW-Platteville also offers internships through The Washington Center, an immersive, semester-long program that places students at agencies in Washington DC.