Follow these steps to ensure your place in the upcoming class:

Confirm your acceptance

  • Log in to your PASS account to complete your intent to enroll.

Reserve your room

If you are interested in living on campus housing, follow

Apply for financial aid and scholarships

Sign up for New Student Registration

  • New Student Registration is a day for new students to register for classes and learn more about the transition to campus.
  • You must complete your intent to enroll before you will be able to select a date to attend New Student Registration.

Take the UW System placement tests

  • Incoming freshmen are required to take the UW System placement tests in math and English. The foreign language test is optional. The results of these tests determine the appropriate level of courses.
  • Note: You can (and should) reserve your date to attend New Student Registration, even though you may have not taken your placement tests.
  • For more information see placement testing.

Register for classes

Send final transcripts

Get ready for the fall semester to begin