An applicable background for many professions, psychology studies thought, emotion, and behavior while investigating the causes and dynamics of behavior patterns. Psychologists apply knowledge, skills, and techniques to help find solutions to individual and social problems. As a psychology student at UW-Platteville, you’ll learn the skills to work in many important areas of psychology, including cognitive therapy, developmental therapy, clinical therapy/counseling, and social work.

You’ll gain practical and professional experience outside of the classroom with internships and volunteer opportunities such as the Cooperative Field Experience program.

Choose how your degree with best suit your career interests by selecting an optional area of emphasis.

Aging Studies

The aging studies emphasis will train you to work with older adults, increase your marketability in human services, and develop an understanding of the social work and health care fields.

Human Services

An emphasis in human services will explore the areas of social work practices, abnormal psychology, techniques of counseling, and more. You’ll be prepared for a career in counseling or general human services.

Substance Abuse Counseling

The substance abuse counseling emphasis will allow you to become certified as a substance abuse counselor in the state of Wisconsin.