What is Psychology?

Psychology is the empirical and theoretical study of thought, emotion, and behavior. It is a science that investigates the causes and dynamics of behavior patterns and a profession that applies knowledge, skills, and techniques to the solutions of individual and social problems. See the program overview for more information (e.g. "What can I do with a psychology major?").

People in the department

The psychology department consists of eight full-time faculty and several part-time instructors who are dedicated to teaching. Faculty interests cover many important areas of psychology such as social, cognitive, developmental, experimental, clinical/counseling, and also social work. Faculty and instructors are available to meet with students during office hours and by appointment. See the faculty and staff directory for more information.

Psychology Major and Minor

If you are interested in declaring psychology as a major, see the academic program overview for more information about how to become admitted to the program, the requirements for the psychology major, psychology minor, course offerings, and different emphases within the psychology program such as human services, substance abuse counseling, or the social work certificate.

Internships and Volunteering

Students obtain valuable experiences by doing internships with organizations and volunteering in the community. Psychology majors can participate in the Cooperative Field Experience (CFE) program. Read more about internships, volunteer opportunities, or careers in psychology for additional information. See our Department Newsletter to learn about student placements. 

Administration & Faculty

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