What you'll learn in Pre-Ministry Studies at UW-Platteville

Professional ministry as a pastor, rabbi, youth leader, teacher, or parish worker requires that you be aware of everything that touches the lives of people and be especially sensitive to the human hunger for meaning, perspective, and understanding.

Pre-Ministry at UW-Platteville provides preparation for further religious studies in a seminary and the opportunity to partner with a member of the clergy to learn more about the ministry. The pre-ministry focus is most often taken with the bachelor's degree in interdisciplinary philosophy with a companion discipline, such as psychology. Students will work with a faculty advisor to determine the best array of courses to prepare them for a career in ministry or graduate school.

Careers in Ministry

Many people feel called to work in the ministry, where they can help share their beliefs with others and serve their communities. Clergy members typically draw heavily on their communication and interpersonal skills to serve congregants and other community members.

While completing a pre-ministry degree focus is often used as preparation for seminary or other graduate programs, people who choose this focus can also work in careers that do not require post-baccalaureate study.

Some careers in ministry include:

  • Minister/Pastor
  • Associate minister/associate pastor 
  • Church administrator 
  • Community outreach manager 
  • Hospital chaplain 
  • Human rights advocate 
  • Missionary
  • Nonprofit coordinator
  • Religious education director 
  • Religious education teacher
  • Social advocacy specialist 
  • Social services manager
  • Youth counselor

Whether you want to work as a minister for a small congregation, opt to work in a megachurch, or use your pre-ministry education in a community service role, you will graduate with the knowledge and skills you need to realize your career goals.

Discover by doing

When you choose the Pre-Ministry Studies program at UW-Platteville, what you learn in the classroom is just the beginning. You’ll have numerous chances to expand your understanding through research projects, internship opportunities, university events, and more.

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