The New York State Children’s Program Administrator Credential is designed for early childhood and school-aged program administrators looking to advance their education through professional development.

Throughout the credential training you’ll explore topics such as:

  • Program development
  • Financial management
  • Leveraging grants
  • Coaching and mentoring staff
  • Engaging with families

Learn from instructors who have experience working in early childhood education as they help you create the portfolio of work that you will need to earn your official Children’s Program Administrator Credential with the New York Association for the Education of Young Children.

You must have college credits before you can earn the New York State Children’s Program Administrator Credential. Those credits can include:

  • An associate degree or 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree
  • 18 credits in child development or related courses (can be part of an associate degree)
  • 18 credits in children's program administration (these six courses will fulfill 18 of the 78 college credits needed)

To earn your New York Children’s Program Administrator Credential, you will need to complete the following three-credit courses:

  1. Administration/Supervision in Early Childhood Programs: Roles and Responsibilities
  2. Operations Management in Early Childhood Programs
  3. Financial Management and Planning in Early Childhood Programs
  4. Early Childhood Programs and the External Environment
  5. Best Practices for Children and Families in Early Childhood Programs
  6. Capstone Course: Administrative Seminar

You can review your textbooks and:

  • Buy them online
  • Buy them from a bookstore
  • Check them out from your local library
  • Check them out from the Wisconsin Child Care Information Center


The following courses are currently available for registration: