A minor in International Studies is great fit if you’re looking to broaden your perspective and demonstrate to potential employers that you can work in our increasingly complex world. It pairs well with almost any major, as it explores how economic, technological, and communications development impacts our day-to-day lives and careers. Plus, you’ll have the chance to study a foreign language and travel the world as part of our education abroad program.

The international studies minor has a core requirement of nine credit hours. Students must have a credit-bearing education abroad experience.

Core required (9 credits):

  • GEOGRPHY 1330  - World Regional Geography - 3 cr
  • HISTORY 1020 - World Civilization II - 3 cr
  • POLISCI 1330 - International Relations - 3 cr

Elective Courses (9 credits):

Select from the list of electives for the international studies major. Courses must be taken in at least two different disciplines.

Language requirement (12 credits):

Courses must be taken in one language.

Education Abroad:

A credit-bearing education abroad experience is required of all international studies minors. Many classes taken abroad will count as elective international studies courses.