What you'll learn studying Construction Management at UW-Platteville 

Our high-impact construction management program as part of the UW-Platteville Department of Industrial Studies will train you to meet today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Students in the major of construction management can choose from two emphases of construction management and/or construction safety management. These two focus areas in the major are specific to the construction industry.

The construction industry is the largest single industry in the United States. Despite experiencing record growth, nationally as well as globally, a skill and labor shortage persists in the industry. Through our program’s construction management courses, which blend knowledge of science and technology into a professional management degree, you will learn the technical, problem-solving, and managerial skills companies seek. 

Learn from faculty and industry professionals in our hands-on laboratories, which include the Road and Infrastructure Lab, Safety Lab, and Construction Lab. This training will prepare you to oversee construction projects, manage risk and safety issues, and much more. Plus, with the addition of just a few courses, you can complement your degree with a minor in business administration and/or architecture, creating even more opportunities for employment.

The emphasis areas are Board of Certified Safety Professionals Qualified Academic Programs. The bachelor's degree in construction management with an emphasis in construction safety management is designated as a Graduate Safety Practitioner program. As a graduate you will have a Board of Certified Safety Professionals' Graduate Safety Professional designation.

You will also earn your OSHA 30-Hour - Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Construction Industry and up to 10 other industry certifications recognized throughout the U.S.

Review the degree requirements to learn more.

Emphasis Areas 

Tailor your construction management degree by choosing construction management classes that relate to your area of interest. 

Construction management 

The construction management emphasis or minor will allow you to explore the topics of plan reading, building materials, estimating, scheduling, contracts, and change orders. You’ll work with our one-of-a-kind construction laboratories that emphasize commercial, road, and infrastructure construction practices and procedures. 

Construction safety management 

The safety management emphasis will allow you to learn about safety and health issues in the workplace, accident causation, and prevention theories while emphasizing your role as a manager for safety. Earning a construction management degree or choosing to minor in this area of study can open the door to a variety of exciting careers in this field. 

Careers in Construction Management

Whether you’re considering employment within the private sector, a government agency, or any other organization, a background in construction management is extremely advantageous should an organization need to build or remodel its facilities. You’ll find career opportunities as an estimator, scheduler, production assistant, and more. 

Construction managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of construction projects. This includes planning, budgeting, scheduling, coordinating, and overseeing completion of assigned projects from start to finish. Construction managers may also work directly with clients who are designing new construction projects. Because managers are responsible for the success or failure of the project, they are also tasked with selecting contractors and subcontractors, and ensuring adherence to building and safety codes. While construction managers do not personally have to handle every task, they must be able to supervise and coordinate the work.

Construction management colleges prepare graduates for a variety of careers in the field of construction. Some of the roles you can pursue after graduation include:

  • Construction manager
  • Construction project director
  • Construction project manager
  • Construction project engineer
  • Construction superintendent
  • Construction supervisor
  • Project coordinator
  • Project estimator
  • Project manager
  • Project scheduler
  • Field engineer
  • General contractor
  • Job site superintendents
  • Multifamily construction manager
  • Residential builders
  • Site engineer
  • Sustainability consultant

People in this career path may be generalists, managing all types of construction projects, or specialists focused only on a particular type of work such as commercial, multifamily or heavy highway construction. In some states, construction managers must obtain licenses or certifications that demonstrate their competencies in this field.

Discover by doing

UW-Platteville stands apart from other construction management schools through its student-centered approach to learning. Students learn in the classroom, but also have access to research opportunities, internships, and university events.

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