The University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s School of Agriculture offers Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in seven major areas. As a recognized world leader for our undergraduate programs in agriculture, we offer a diverse selection of clubs and organizations, as well as several nationally competing teams, opportunities to apply classroom theories to on-campus science laboratories, a greenhouse, 430-acre university farm, and robust internship program.

The animal science program is designed to highlight advanced classroom theory, provide considerable hands-on experience, and highlight the relevancy of animal science to what is the most important sector of the nation's agricultural industry, allowing students to learn the precise scientific practices to maximize productivity in farm animal operations.

The animal science pre-veterinary emphasis will also prepare students to further their education at the veterinary school they wish to apply. Students work closely with their academic advisors to ensure all vet school admission requirements are met as requirements will vary by school. The acceptance rate for the School of Agriculture vet school applicants for the 2021 academic year was 82 percent.

The modern and forward-thinking concepts of the animal science program will prepare you for success after graduation. In fact, UW-Platteville School of Agriculture graduates boast an employment rate of well over 95 percent.