Agriculture educators have helped the U.S. become and remain the world’s agricultural leader. And UW-Platteville has proudly created thousands of agriculture educators who continue to inspire the agriculture leaders of tomorrow. In fact, most of the agriculture educators in Wisconsin are graduates of UW-Platteville.

If you’re passionate about agriculture and enjoy sharing your enthusiasm with others, a major in agriculture education may be perfect for you. The agriculture education program provides instruction in both teaching methods and all the broad fields related to agriculture. This prepares you to pursue teacher licensure, become a county extension agent, or work as a trainer in an agriculture-related company. You’ll learn in small classes from professors who get to know you and help you achieve your goals. Plus, tuition ranks among the lowest in the entire state, so you’ll graduate without taking on significant student debt.

Agriculture education at UW-Platteville should be your first choice for opportunity and success. Learn more or apply today.

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