What you'll learn studying agricultural and industrial engineering technology at UW-Platteville

The agricultural and industrial engineering technology minor is available to students who have an interest in the mechanical aspects of agriculture. Students pursuing an agriculture engineering degree will have the opportunity to explore topics such as machinery and equipment, soil and water conservation practices, manufacturing processes and materials handling, and agricultural buildings and structures.

The agricultural and industrial engineering program will prepare you for job opportunities in agriculture-related manufacturing, agricultural equipment sales and service, conservation practice design and installation, custom application, and other positions related to agricultural technologies. Industrial engineering courses also can be paired easily with other majors, including but not limited to agribusiness, soil and crop science, engineering, and ITM-manufacturing technology management.

Careers in Agricultural and Industrial Engineering Technology

Agriculture and farming are increasingly driven by technology. Agricultural engineering technology professionals are charged with identifying solutions to problems related to the use of agricultural structures and facilities, agricultural product storage and processing, power supplies, machinery, environmental concerns, and more.

Agricultural engineering schools prepare you for success in a variety of exciting roles in this field. Some of the most popular career choices for graduates with a bachelor of science in industrial engineering, technology management, or a related degree paired with this minor include:  

  • Agricultural engineer
  • Agricultural and food scientist
  • Agricultural logistician
  • Agricultural manager
  • Agricultural technician
  • Agronomist
  • Conservation scientist
  • Custom applicator
  • Electromechanical engineering technologist
  • Farmer/rancher
  • Industrial engineering technologist
  • Quality engineer
  • Supply chain manager
  • Manufacturing engineer
  • Product development engineer
  • Product development technician

People who choose careers in the agricultural and industrial engineering field generally work closely with other engineers, clients, and consultants on a wide range of different projects. While many agricultural and industrial engineering technology professionals work in farming, others work in aquaculture, forestry, manufacturing, and food processing. 

Discover by Doing

Students at UW-Platteville have numerous experiential learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. Internships, research projects, and university events are just some of the ways you’ll discover by doing.

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