When you visit the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Pioneer Farm, you will see a working farm consisting of 430 total acres with some of the best soil in southwest Wisconsin. You will see gently rolling fields managed with conservation in mind, planted with rotating crops of corn, oats, and alfalfa.

Our facilities have distinctive white siding and blue roofs. Dairy, swine, and beef operations provide hands-on experiences for students, and learning opportunities for visitors.

You may see students and researchers using the farm to learn and bring best practices of conservation and production into the future. 

We welcome you to visit anytime.


Pioneer Farm has been an integral part of UW-Platteville since the inclusion of agriculture as an academic program in the early 1900s.  The focus is on providing quality education, research, and outreach opportunities while promoting the agricultural industry.

In the early years, Pioneer Farm was a mirror of typical farms with a great deal of diversity from dairy, swine, beef, horses, poultry, and sheep. Following the trend of modern agriculture, the farm at UW-Platteville has streamlined to include enterprises interesting to the students and supporting organizations of the state of Wisconsin.

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The mission has always been to maintain a working laboratory of production agriculture to demonstrate to students of all ages and levels. While technology and practices have evolved, the mission remains true today.

UW-Platteville Pioneer Farm supports the vitality of Wisconsin agriculture. Pioneer Farm's mission is to provide on-farm experiences for students, to evaluate management practices, to conduct systems and applied research, and to communicate education and research to students, agencies, producers, and the public.

Review our Pioneer Farm Animal Welfare Policy and the Biosecurity Policy.

Physical address:

29200 College Farm Road
Platteville, WI 53818