Dr. Dong Isbister

Associate Professor & Program Coordinator

255 Gardner Hall

Ph.D. Women's Studies, Ohio State University

Fields of Specialization:

  • Narrative, Culture, and Representation
  • Race, Sexualities, and Social Justice
  • Global and Transnational Feminisms

Areas of Interest:

  • Space, Place, and Gender
  • Feminist Theory and Pedagogy
  • Collective Memory and Reconstruction of History in Various Narrative Forms
  • U.S. Multiethnic Literature
  • U.S. Immigrant and Transnational Literary and Cultural Studies


  • Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies
  • Space, Place, and Gender
  • History of Feminist Thought
  • Black Women's Experience/Feminism in the U.S.
  • Gender Relations in Cross-Cultural Perspectives

Recent Publications:

  • “Decentralized Power and Resistance in The Bondwoman’s Narrative.” The Slave Narrative. Ed. Kimberly Drake. Salem Press, 2014. 162-174. Print.
  • “Can’t Get Over It: Age Matters.” Shandong University News. 021 Wednesday Jan. 1, 2014. Print.