The UW-Platteville Department of Social Sciences, a combined program in the liberal arts, offers courses of study that challenge students to develop an understanding of the dynamics of individual and social behavior from a number of perspectives. Offering students a transformative educational experience that will prepare them for success as liberally educated people who are intellectually mature, ethically responsible, and culturally aware.

The Department of Social Sciences is comprised of five programs: ethnic studies, international studies, political science, sociology, and women's and gender studies.

Ethnic Studies

The Ethnic Studies program is dedicated to awakening your mind and spirit to the issues of race and ethnicity. It engages you in the social realities and moral challenges of racism in the United States and around the world. Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that forges strong scholarly and intellectual connections between history, political economy, anthropology, and the related fields of Native American, African American, Chicano/a, Asian American, and women’s and gender studies. The Ethnic Studies program provides you with an analysis of the historical narratives of marginalized groups whose lived experiences are often neglected. UW-Platteville offers a minor and certificate in Ethnic Studies.

International Studies

As part of our commitment to creating engaged global citizens, the International Studies program focuses on understanding and appreciating the interconnectedness of the modern world. It explores how economic, technological, and communications development affect everyday life and commerce. UW-Platteville offers a minor in International Studies.

Political Science

The Political Science program at UW-Platteville enables you to improve substantially your understanding of yourselves and the world, while educating you to understand and appreciate politics, political thought and governance, and gain essential knowledge of your chosen fields. The department aims to prepare you for employment or advanced study, and stimulate you in anticipating your future roles as professionals and citizens. UW-Platteville offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Political Science.


The UW-Platteville Pre-Law program is designed to help you achieve success with a career in law. You’ll explore courses in areas such as political science, criminal justice, history, and philosophy within the pre-law program.


Sociology is the study of society and its component parts, groups, cultures, norms, roles, and their institutional and organizational relationships. Sociology is a discipline in the social sciences and part of the liberal arts approach to education. The UW-Platteville Department of Social Sciences offers a minor in Sociology.

Women's and Gender Studies

The Women's and Gender Studies program is designed to hone interdisciplinary critical thinking and analytical skills. It is also geared toward helping you examine your personal and social values, as well as make wiser contributions to the diverse global community. Coursework includes subjects such as gender and society; psychology of women; management, gender, and race; and more. UW-Platteville offers a minor and certificate in Women's and Gender Studies.