Pioneer Pledge guarantees that the cost of undergraduate, on-campus tuition, and fees will be covered for new freshmen attending the Platteville campus who are Pell-eligible.


To be eligible you must:

  • Be a new freshmen admitted to UW-Platteville by May 1
  • Submit the FAFSA and be considered Pell eligible
  • Be a resident of Wisconsin, Illinois, or Minnesota*
  • Enroll as a full-time student taking classes at the Platteville campus for the fall semester

No Application Necessary

Simply complete the admission application, be admitted to UW-Platteville (Platteville campus), and complete a FAFSA at to establish eligibility. Have specific questions about the program? Take a look at our Pioneer Pledge FAQs.

* Minnesota residents must also submit the Minnesota-Wisconsin Reciprocity form to establish eligibility. 

The Pledge in Practice

The amount of funds awarded is determined in part by your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), a measure of your family’s overall financial strength determined by the federal Department of Education through the FAFSA. The EFC is used to determine your eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant and your overall ‘need’ for other types of aid. The EFC is not the amount your family will have to pay for college.

Tuition and segregated fees will be covered by the Federal Pell Grant, Wisconsin Grant, and other grants/scholarships. The amount of pledge is calculated by subtracting Federal Pell Grant, and all other grants and scholarships from the amount of tuition. Any tuition amount remaining will be the Pledge amount. The Residence Life (Housing) and Dining Grant, scholarships not affiliated with the university, and loans are not included in the Pledge calculation. You must complete the financial aid verification process no later than July 1 to establish your eligibility for the Pioneer Pledge.

Note: If you are using veteran benefits to help pay your education, please reach out to the financial aid office to determine how your Pioneer Pledge may be affected.

Please note that the Pioneer Pledge does not cover the following costs:

  • Application fee for admission
  • Textbooks ordered outside of the UW-Platteville textbook rental program
  • Courses outside the standard semester like study abroad, summer courses, or winterim courses
  • Housing and meal plans
  • New Student Experience fee
  • Special course fees, which includes the online class fees

Additional aid programs exist for each of these. Please contact the financial aid office for more information.

Renewing the Pledge

The Pioneer Pledge is a commitment to cover tuition and segregated fees for four years of consecutive full-time enrollment. Students who need additional time to complete their degree program should consult the financial aid office for funding options.

To renew each year students must:

  • Remain in good academic standing
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status
  • Submit the FAFSA each year by July 1

Students will need to acknowledge the Pledge requirements annually. Students should monitor their email and PASS checklists for additional information.