UWP welcomes Kaseloo to biology department

September 13, 2002

PLATTEVILLE-While students receive course schedules and syllabi during the first week of classes, University of Wisconsin-Platteville lecturer Paul Kaseloo tries out his wings as a new lecturer in the biology department at UWP.

Originally from the Toronto area, Kaseloo spent the last several years at the University of Wyoming in Laramie before accepting the position at UWP. "After finishing my post doctoral research at the University of Wyoming, I had several career opportunities, but chose UWP for its teaching opportunities, the department and the area," Kaseloo said. "I knew about the UWP Biology Department before I came to interview and was impressed. I've also lived in a big city before and know it isn't where I want to raise my kids. When considering a new position, you look at what the schools are like and what the area has to offer. UWP and the community fit what we were looking for."

Kaseloo arrived in Platteville less than a month ago with his wife, Judy who will be working at Mercy Hospital in Dubuque, Iowa, and their three children, Erik, Christian and Kira. This semester, Kaseloo is teaching two lectures and three laboratory classes in general biology. While this is Kaseloo's first official teaching position, he was a teaching assistant while studying for his master's degree and his Ph.D. As a first-time lecturer, Kaseloo said he faces a number of challenges.

"Getting my material together, organizing the course and instructing the students are my most immediate challenges," Kaseloo said. "Down the road, I will be challenged in other ways. I want to be able to contribute to the department and hope to develop research projects outside the classroom."

Kaseloo said he is also interested in involving his students in service-learning projects at the UWP Pioneer Farm. For a number of years, Kaseloo was involved in biomedical research and considers avian physiology and ecology his areas of expertise. Using animal models, Kaseloo researched Parkinson's Disease. He hopes to utilize these experiences to develop service-learning projects for his students.

Kaseloo received his bachelor of science and master's degrees from the University of Toronto in general biology and zoology, respectively. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming in zoology and physiology. In his free time, Kaseloo said he enjoys spending time with his children, cross country skiing and other outdoor activities.


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