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Pickard Hall


Pickard Hall, named after Josiah L. Pickard and built in 1969, houses 275 residents, approximately 205 men and 70 women, and is located in “The Circle." Very popular with first year students, Pickard Hall provides a close community atmosphere for its residents. Starting in the fall of 2013, Pickard Hall will be hosting a First Year Experience Interest Community (To learn more about Interest Communities, click here).

The structure of Pickard is unique in that it has a center stairwell in addition to those at the east and west ends of the building. The study lounges and main lobby of Pickard were updated with new seating and tables in the spring of 2012. New mini fridges were placed in all of the student rooms in the spring of 2011 and spring of 2012.

Pickard Hall sponsors an annual "Fright Fest" haunted house-type activity at Halloween as a charity fundraiser. This event is open not only to UW-Platteville students, but to community members as well. In the Spring, the staff and hall council also put on a murder mystery event, like a giant Clue game! These are both amazing opportunities for residents to get involved, make new friends, and gain valuable leadership experience!

From the Desk of the Resident Director

Winter is here!

Snowflakes in the air! Can you believe that finals are right around the corner? What an exciting time!

Remember | to do the following

  • Be on the lookout for “Snow Emergency” information. This will provide you instructions on where you are allowed to park during the snow removal operation on campus.
  • Don’t for get to register for classes on PASS for next semester.
  • Take a look at the Pickard Facebook Page in order to receive the most up to date events happening around campus.
  • Attend your Mandatory Wing Meeting with your RA to receive the most detailed closing information.
  • Don’t know your finals schedule? Check out this link.

Winter Break | See you next year!

  • 24 Hour Quiet Hours begin Sunday, December 17th at 1:00 am
  •  Pickard Hall closes at 6:00 pm on Friday, December 22nd

Before leaving for beak Please do the following:

  • Unplug electronic devices
  • Turn off alarm clocks
  • Close all windows and drapes
  • Turn off all lights
  • Remove all trash
  • Unplug and Defrost refrigerators
  • Lock doors
  • Return text books

Safety Tip of the Month | Prevent the Illness

Practicing good hygiene habits is the first step to preventing the spread of illness. Be sure to wash your hands regularly to avoid the spread of germs. If you are not feeling well, be sure to take good care of yourself by getting plenty of rest, washing your hands, and seeking professional help if your illness continues.
Student Health Services on campus offers free flu shots to all students, so take advantage of this if you haven’t yet!

If you ever have questions throughout the school year, do not be afraid to talk to your RA. That's what they are here for!

Don’t forget to like our Facebook Page to get the most up to date information regarding programs and hall news.

If you ever have questions throughout the school year, don't be afraid to talk to your RA. That's what they are here for!

Thanks for making it a great semester!

Nicole Mitchell
Pickard Hall Resident Director

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