Scanning Services

Scanning Services

The Scanning Center provides scanning and reporting services for faculty and staff by processing examinations, evaluations, and surveys using our Remark OMR software and scanner. 

Please note: All exams, surveys and evaluations must be submitted on Scantron answer sheet 4521.  These forms can be obtainted through central stores.  Copies of scan sheets can no longer be accepted as the scanner simply cannot read them. 

Scanning Center Policy

The Scanning Center provides services on a first come first serve basis.  During peak times of the semester, examinations will be processed first. Please plan accordingly when dropping off evaluations and surveys. We will do our best to complete your requests in a reasonable length of time.   

It is your responsibility to pick up all documents scanned by our department upon completion. All documents left in the Scanning Center beyond one month will be shredded. Compliance with these guidelines will help our office meet our standards for providing quality service.

For questions, contact Scanning Sevices at 608.342.6006 or

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