UW-Platteville first in state to offer cannabis-related certificates


The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute has announced three certificate programs related to one of the fastest-growing industries in the nation: cannabis. The certificates are offered in partnership with Green Flower, a national leader in cannabis education.

Beginning in November, students will be able to begin earning the following certificates:

The goal of the certificate programs is education, not advocacy. Students will learn vital information about a lucrative, fast-growing, and far-reaching industry. These certificates are designed for those interested in fields such as agriculture, medical and healthcare, business and enterprise, retail and manufacturing, sales and marketing, and law and policy.

“I’m thrilled that the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has committed to being pioneers in this emerging industry. Thanks to an exclusivity agreement with Green Flower, UW-Platteville is uniquely positioned as the only state university to offer this type of cannabis-related education,” said Kerie Wedige, Continuing Education Institute Director. “Our mission at the Continuing Education Institute is to provide unique and valuable offerings to the community, and that is what we’ve found here. Our students will benefit from this great opportunity.”

The cannabis industry has seen more than a 400% increase in revenue and jobs over the last five years, according to Green Flower. Wisconsin, which passed an industrial hemp law in 2017, issued 1,300 permits to grow and harvest hemp in 2019.

“Working with multiple universities across the country to offer cannabis education programs has been an incredible and humbling experience, and the addition of one of the premier schools within the University of Wisconsin system really means so much to us,” said Max Simon, CEO and Founder of Green Flower. “The demand for cannabis programming is off the charts. As the industry continues to grow, we are extremely confident that this partnership will be beneficial to the university and to those seeking a way to enter a new career or enhance what they currently do.”

Thirty-three states now allow some forms of medicinal cannabis, while 11 have legalized recreational uses. Bordering states Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Michigan have legalized cannabis in some form. Job growth is expected to increase across Wisconsin to meet the demands.

Each certificate program contains three eight-week courses, meaning it will take 24 weeks to earn the certificate.  Courses are instructor-led in a 100% online format, based on the students’ schedule.  Courses are a mix of instructor-student, student-student, reading, and general discussion.

Green Flower partners with higher education institutions across the country to help educate those interested in this rapidly growing field. For more information on the UW-Platteville program, contact either greenflower@uwplatt.edu or continuing@uwplatt.edu