Staab Construction makes significant pledge to UW-Platteville Construction Management Program Fund

Staab Construction
Staab Construction Corporation

Staab Construction Corporation, located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, has pledged $100,000 to support the Construction Management Program at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. 

Ben Lee, the CEO of Staab Construction Corporation, stated that the company understands the importance of actively supporting construction-related education, as many of their current employees are graduates of the UW-Platteville programs. Lee expressed his hope that this partnership will benefit both the company and the university, as there is currently a huge need for more people to be involved in the construction industry.

"We understand how important it is that the students are exposed to real-world situations, including hands-on teaching and internships offered at companies like Staab Construction, to be ready to hit the ground running as they enter the workforce," Lee stated. "From our perspective, hands-on training education is vital to help students better grasp how the job sites work and projects are completed. UW-Platteville's Construction Lab is a great way to do this." 

Gretchen Bockenhauer, UW-Platteville Construction Management program coordinator and assistant professor, expressed her excitement about the partnership with Staab, adding that the company has long supported the Construction Management and Construction Safety Management programs. She said this new sponsorship takes the partnership between Staab and UW-Platteville to a new level. Staab's pledge will help with program expenses and hands-on laboratories, allowing the university to meet the needs of industry and students.

"The partnership is a key part in making UW-Platteville Construction Management and Construction Safety Management programs two of the top programs in the country," Bockenhauer said. "Staab's support will benefit all students and help them attract talent, not only through internships and co-ops, but ultimately full-time opportunities."

The Staab Construction Safety Lecture Room, located in Russell Hall room 110, will house class lectures where students can then apply what they have learned through hands-on application in the Safety Lab and at the live construction sites at the Construction Lab. 

Support for the Construction Management program helps prepare students for the construction industry and gives them the education they need to be leaders in the field. The goal is to provide the unique hands-on lab experiences critical to preparing UW-Platteville students to excel in the construction industry, the largest single industry in the United States. Bockenhauer said live construction sites at the university's Construction Lab – which consists of the Commercial Construction and Road and Infrastructure Labs – allows students to learn and experience live construction site activities in a controlled atmosphere in order to problem-solve and make mistakes. These experiences are meant to make students better construction managers and construction safety managers, as they are able to experience how something is built, estimated and scheduled, as well as work around heavy equipment, apply safety measures and work through construction challenges in a team atmosphere. The support of companies like Staab is critical in making the UW-Platteville students' education and future careers better, according to Bockenhauer.

The partnership between UW-Platteville and Staab aligns with the long-term goals of both organizations. Staab hopes its support of the UW-Platteville construction programs shows its commitment to aiding the university's mission of educating the next generation of construction professionals. 

"We look forward to working with the UW-Platteville programs for years to come," added Lee.