Regional organizations gain edge through Continuing Education Institute's customizable training

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To stay competitive in today's ever-changing landscape, organizations are seeking unique ways to gain an edge. As a result, several regional businesses and government bodies have found countless benefits in the tailored training programs offered by UW-Platteville's Continuing Education Institute. These customized courses provide employees with the skills and knowledge required for success, leading to increased engagement and productivity.

"Our tailored training program enables leaders to enhance their team's skills and abilities in areas specific to their field," stated Kerie Wedige, Corporate Training Center director. "This approach guarantees that teams will not receive training that is irrelevant to their needs, but rather a customized program applicable to their specific field."

The Sauk County Health Department is one of the latest organizations to have taken advantage of customized training, specifically focusing on performance appraisals and career coaching. The department worked with the Continuing Education Institute to create a course that would impart new skills and ensure future performance evaluations were meaningful. Public Health Director Treemanisha Stewart said the process was easy, and the training proved extremely beneficial for her team.

"The training got them more comfortable with career coaching, which was very new to my management team. It was also an opportunity for them to ask questions on topics they were unsure about," Stewart said. "I would rate the training at its highest rank."

Stewart shared her list of goals and outcomes with instructor Dawn Drake, who devised a curriculum to benefit the team. Drake then led the course and was able to guide the team through their concerns and suggest methods to overcome any potential issues.

"I use the instruments and experiences the client has to make the training more personal and persuasive for them to think about the material that has been presented, Drake said. "It really allows us to get into the specific issues that the individual employees or company are struggling with while still keeping the presentation affiliated with best practices."

The Continuing Education Institute's tailored training programs can be delivered virtually or face-to-face at your preferred location and time. Connect with the Continuing Education Institute at to design a customized course for your team.

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