It’s a ‘how-to’ summer for Continuing Education Institute youth programs

Continuing Education Institute Youth Programs

This summer, elementary through high school students will have the opportunity to learn by doing, as the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute announces its How-To Summer Series youth programming. 

The entire series will be held virtually this year. College for Kids and Middle University students have the option of enrolling in How to Power-UP STEAM with History, while the High School Scholars Online Academy offers a plethora of programs.

The programming is designed for students to learn concepts through project-based learning. Strategic and Continuing Education Program Manager Rebecca Powell said their summer offerings focus on interactivity, by allowing the students to help craft the way they want to learn.

“When children help with the design of how they learn, through project-based learning, they are much more engaged in the process, enjoying and retaining the concepts being presented,” Powell said. “By offering these programs virtually, we can accommodate more children in our programming. In fact, last year, we had students participate not only in Wisconsin but California and Georgia.”

Heather Burkholder enrolled her daughter Saige in the Continuing Education Institute’s virtual youth programming last summer. She said there are several benefits to holding these classes virtually.

“It has been really convenient to study in our own home and not have to go anywhere,” Burkholder said. “She was able to learn many different things and still make new friends. It also kept her mind sharp during the summertime and kept her motivated.”

For Saige, the experience was a good combination of education and enjoyment. “I have fun, see my friends, do activities and learn new things.”

The How to Power-Up STEAM program, designed for students in grades 3-8, merges history with the concepts of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Agriculture and Math). The course was custom-designed by author, historian and life-long educator Beverly Vaillancourt.

“Vaillancourt’s love of making history come alive fuels the programming this summer for students who have a desire to learn while having a great time,” Powell said. “STEAM concepts come alive while learning about effigy mounds, settlement of Indigenous people, European settlements, the building of dams and mills, the coming of railroads and circuses, and cultural shifts that tell the story of dynamic communities.”

Students and families enrolled in the course will also learn about creating video games, earn badges and create their own history toolbox.

The High School Scholars Online Academy is a bundle of programs focused on excelling in advanced placement classes and writing an impactful college entrance essay. In addition, students will learn how to start their own chapter of We Are Many-United Against Hate at their high school.

Scholarships are available to a wide range of potential students. To see if you qualify, email the Continuing Education Institute at To learn more about the How-To Summer Series, visit the youth programming page at