Hensel Phelps shares special partnership with UW-Platteville

Hensel Phelps

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has a big supporter in Hensel Phelps – a commercial contractor and construction company headquartered in Colorado. The company comes to construction events, career fairs and has partnered with the university to speak to classes and host alumni Zoom events, providing faculty and students with insight into the construction industry and what the changes and challenges are.

“The benefits of partnering with Hensel Phelps are endless,” said Gretchen Bockenhauer, program coordinator and assistant professor in the construction management program at UW-Platteville.

UW-Platteville alumni at Hensel Phelps are part of UW-Platteville’s advisory boards, which help give direction for changes in the construction management and construction safety management programs.

“Hensel Phelps really values our long partnership with the university,” said Joseph Lake, CSP, CHST, safety manager at Hensel Phelps. “When I think of core values that make us return to UW-Platteville, it’s family values, hard work ethic and good education and experience. These same concepts are what our company values in our everyday lives.”

Lake said he believes UW-Platteville offers one of the best, well-rounded programs in the country for construction management and construction safety management, adding that students who graduate from this program will be a step ahead of most top name schools in the country.

“Hensel Phelps is happy to call themselves a partner with UW-Platteville to continue to grow students to be prepared for the future work force,” said Lake, adding that some of the best things UW-Platteville does for students is getting them involved in drafting, surveying and estimating and that the top value the program offers is the one-of-a-kind Commercial Construction Lab.

Lake said that while it’s no secret that the Midwest is known for its hard work ethic, being able to get students in an academic setting out in the field to experience the planning, safety, quality control and execution of a project is amazing and that nothing prepares students more to come to work than actually getting to do the work.

Currently, across the country, Hensel Phelps employs over 35 UW-Platteville alumni and has a long history of employing student interns as well. What makes this partnership especially unique is that, while the company has many branch offices throughout the country, Hensel Phelps does not have an office in Wisconsin.

“Overall, we appreciate all the support they have provided us,” said Bockenhauer.