Get involved this fall with the UW-Platteville Continuing Education Institute

Written by Eric Herbst on Thu, 09/24/2020 - 09:39 |
Continuing Education

This fall, lifelong learners will have even more opportunities to grow both personally and professionally, as the University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute is offering a number of enticing new courses – with an exciting new twist.

Hosted by the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and its branch campuses in Baraboo Sauk County and Richland Center, the upcoming programs are as diverse as they are enjoyable, with courses ranging from poetry to cooking to corporate education.

“We really try to put ourselves in the shoes of the communities we serve,” said Jessica Munz, CEI program manager, when asked about deciding what classes to create. “It's fun to get creative and offer new programs that we think others will enjoy, and it's also nice to be able to offer the regular programs that our communities are always looking for from us.”

CEI's broad array of programs can leave one both excited and overwhelmed by the number of learning opportunities available, guaranteeing something catches the eye. A quick glance through the catalogue showcases the institute's dedication to serving all ages and interest groups, with subjects including:

  • Picking the President: Examining the History of Elections
  • Reset with Meditation: 3-part series
  • The Art of Technical Cooking: 3-part series
  • The Keys to Sustainable Living: 5-part series
  • Women in Wilderness: 3-part series
  • Potency of Poetry
  • Better Food, Better Mood
  • Zumba Gold
  • Rythmix

CEI's offering of classes isn't the only thing that's been updated this year, however. In the midst of a pandemic, where everyone is encouraged to stay safe and indoors, the CEI team adapted to this shift by making all courses 100% online. While the process required a learning curve for all involved, the conversion to virtual has had a silver lining – with classes now available to even more learners.

“We first thought that with the classes becoming virtual, our instructors might be hesitant,” said Rebecca Powell, CEI program manager. “However, our instructors were excited that they can now reach more people, and people can actually better implement their hands-on classes. For example, in our various cooking classes, where better to learn than in your own kitchen with the supplies you already have access to and cook with.”

Munz added onto the value of virtual learning, saying, “Another benefit of teaching online is the depth of curriculum we can reach. Students and instructors are no longer limited by location or even time, because along with the live video class, instructors are able to provide so much extra content for students to access.”

Improved accessibility and an extended content library aren't the only benefits of enrolling in an online class this fall. Whatever the topic, each class offers potential students meaningful development and new, fun ways to socialize with people who enjoy the same interests.

“We hope that every student leaves our classes feeling like they learned something, made friends, and had fun,” said Demi Vetesnik, CEI program coordinator. “These have always been our goals, and moving to virtual programming will only enhance that. With our virtual programs, students have greater access to all of our offerings and the opportunity to engage with fellow students from all over.”

CEI is privileged to be a local source for world-class education, skill development, and community programs for personal and professional growth, built on the principle that education should influence people's lives beyond the boundaries of the classroom. By connecting with CEI at the Platteville, Baraboo Sauk County, or Richland Center campuses, learners are supporting their local communities.

For more information on the above opportunities, visit the Continuing Education Institute website. Prospective learners are also encouraged to contact with any questions.