Continuing Education Institute launches new “We Are Many-United Against Hate” course for high school students

Written by Eric Herbst on Wed, 07/07/2021 - 08:48 |
UW-Platteville campus

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville has always been a staunch advocate for promoting diversity and standing up against violence and hate. This summer, the university continues this trend with the launch of the Continuing Education Institute’s latest offering.

How to Start Your Own “We Are Many-United Against Hate” Chapter is a collaboration between the university and Masood Akhtar, founder of We Are Many-United Against Hate, as well as Dr. Jeffrey Jacobson, a lifelong educator. 

Akhtar is a successful entrepreneur and has been involved with many community projects. He has received numerous awards for his community work, including the FBI’s 2018 Director’s Community Leadership Award and the 2019 Certificate of Achievement, presented by Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers. Akhtar has also received a letter from President Biden, one thanking him for his efforts on addressing racial equity and highlighting the president’s own agenda for advancing racial justice at the national level.

One of Akhtar’s most prominent efforts is a statewide movement called We Are Many-United Against Hate. The initiative is aimed at addressing the root causes of bigotry and racism and building inclusive communities while empowering youth. CEI’s How to Start Your Own “We Are Many-United Against Hate” Chapter introduces high school learners to the steps necessary for forming a chapter at their own school.

“This is an exciting moment,” Akhtar said at a recent session promoting the program. “Our aim with this course is to engage students, empower them, and help them make a change in their own communities. I would suggest interested students to share this news with friends and encourage them to participate in this movement when the course opens in August.”

The course is divided into three classes set over three days. The course’s main focus will teach learners how to navigate their high school administration, as well as work with guidance counselors and activity directors, to accomplish the goal of forming their own We Are Many-United Against Hate chapter. Experiences from other students in the surrounding area will be shared as well, further assisting with the initial steps of chapter creation. In addition, each day will bring new activities that encourage reflection on the diversity existing within every community.

“We Are Many-United Against Hate is a nonprofit, non-partisan movement to promote understanding and appreciation of diversity,” said Jacobson. “Our immediate goal is to reach out to as many schools or organizations as possible to support local efforts which promote this understanding. I would invite all high school students to participate in this conversation. There is something here for everyone to learn and grow from.”

Having been the principal of multiple high schools and a district administrator, Jacobson knows a few things about the power education holds. His collaboration with Akhtar in bringing this movement to UW-Platteville and other institutions is the latest step in his remarkable career as a lifelong advocate for education and equality.

The first “We Are Many-United Against Hate” class meets Tuesday, Aug. 10, from 9-10:30 a.m. CDT. For more information about the course, interested students are invited to click here

Prospective learners are also encouraged to contact with any questions.