Continuing Education Institute launches new management certificate program

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On the river to success, it takes skilled leaders to navigate the constant change in currents. Modern organizations now recognize the need for a flexible workforce to meet the challenges of the changing work environment. 

The University of Wisconsin-Platteville Continuing Education Institute now offers a Management Certificate program to equip the next generation of leaders with these valuable skills.

“Manager flexibility requires skills that demonstrate management competencies and a willingness to learn and adapt to these changing organizational needs,” said Dr. Jeanne Dorle, professor and instructor for the certificate program.

It’s becoming more apparent that being an expert in your field does not make you a good supervisor – it takes intentional skills and knowledge to make it a reality. This month, a Harvard Business Review study revealed that skill-based hiring is rising. Dorle said the nine-week program will help students become more marketable to current or future employers.

“This program focuses on the recognition that developing skill-based competencies will demonstrate your commitment to becoming an effective manager and leader,” Dorle said. “Whether you are a current manager or an aspiring one, you will learn and practice how you can lead from anywhere.”

The online program is made up of three modules, all of which focus on analyzing and applying critical management and leadership skills, including:

  • Understanding the organizational context for managing others
  • Demonstrating effective business communication and collaboration
  • Leading and motivating successful teams

Dorle said the program draws from the latest resources and studies, with plenty of interaction with an experienced instructor and other students. Since the program is asynchronous and online, she said students also benefit from working when it is convenient for them. To sign up or learn more about the management certificate program, visit