Eugene Tesdahl

Assistant Professor, History

Office: Gardner 154
Tel: 608.342.1788

• Ph.D., History, University of Colorado at Boulder
• M.A., History, Miami University
• B.A., History (Secondary Ed.), Museum Studies, Luther College

• Early North America
• Indigenous America
• The Atlantic World
• Women’s History
• Public History

• Intro to U.S. History I
• Colonial American History
• American Women’s History
• Native American History and Colonial Borderlands
• Modern Native American History: What you thought you knew

Recent Publications:
• Review of The Struggle for North America, 1754-1758: Britannia’s Tarnished Laurels by George Yagi. The Historian. (Fall 2016).
• Review of The French and Indian War in North Carolina: The Spreading Flames of War by John R. Maass. North Carolina Historical Review (Winter 2015).
•  “The Riverine Highway: Women Smugglers between New York and New France, 1701-1754,” Journal of Early American History of Brill Press.
• “Mariages à la façon du pays: Colonial Nouvelle France and Sénégal in a Métis Atlantic World.” French Colonial History. (Article in process).
• “LaSalle on Seneca Creation 1678,” American Indian Culture & Research Journal. (Article under review co-authored with Dr. Kevin White and Michael Galban).

Current Project:
• Dans une cachette rouge: Smuggling along Iroquois, British, and French American Borderlands, 1701-1783, working title (Book-length manuscript in preparation).


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