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Oct 18

(Past) Weekly Spikeball Practice

This sport club is open to anyone on the UW-Platteville campus who is interested in the sport of Spikeball! We will be playing spikeball the whole time so you are getting exactly what you came for and you don't need to have any of your own equipment.

Spikeball can be played just about anywhere, so we will be playing year round! We will offer competition for all levels as well! So whether it is your first time, or you are a practiced veteran, we will be happy to have you join us!

Never heard of Spikeball? Not a problem! It is a very easy sport to learn and we are happy to teach you. Spikeball is a unique sport that combines the concepts of volleyball and foursquare. The teams are 2 V 2 with rally scoring games up to 21. Spikeball is played by bouncing a grapefruit-sized ball off a 3 foot diameter trampoline. For more info about Spikeball, check out

Practices are every Tuesday from 6:30-8:00pm on the turf.

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Date: Tuesday, Oct. 18
Time: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Weekly Spikeball Practice
Disability Statement

To request disability accommodations, contact Nick Pinnola, advisor, at 608.342.1250 or