Direct Loans are low-interest loans to help students and parents pay for the cost of a student's education after high school. The lender is the U.S. Department of Education (the Department), though the entity you deal with, your loan servicer, can be a private business.

With Direct Loans, you:

  • Borrow directly from the federal government and have a single contact - your loan servicer - for everything related to repayment, even if you receive Direct Loans at different schools.
  • Have online access to your Direct Loan account information via your servicer's website.
  • Can choose from several repayment plans that are designed to meet the needs of almost any borrower, and you can switch repayment plans if your needs change.

Master Promissory Note (MPN)

You will complete your MPN online and once on the website, click on “Complete New MPN for Student Loans”. You will need your FSA username and password, determined when you filled out your FAFSA, to sign your MPN electronically. You will also need complete names, addresses, and phone numbers for two references. These two references must live at different addresses.

Loan Entrance Counseling

First-time borrowers of federal student loans are required by federal law to complete entrance loan counseling. If you have never borrowed a Federal Direct Loan or a Federal Stafford Loan, you must do entrance counseling. When entering our school name do not abbreviate the name.

Loan Exit Counseling

Loan exit counseling is required before you withdraw, graduate, or drop below half-time attendance even if you plan to transfer to another school. Exit counseling helps you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student loan borrower, and provides useful tips and information to help you manage your loans.