The TREES Lab occupies over 2000 square feet of research space, an 800 square foot archive room, and shares an 850 square foot field gear storage room with shower facilities, all in Boebel Hall. In addition to these spaces, we are fortunate to have access to the professionally managed and maintained 10,000 square foot UW-Platteville Industrial Technology Woodshop. Trees lab students have access to computing facilities include a GIS laboratory with 24 PCs (MSOffice, Adobe CS5, ArcGIS 10), four laptops available for fieldwork and twelve Trimble Juno handheld mapping units, all of which are ArcGIS compatible. The TREES lab is fully equipped for field work including camping gear, shovels, bucket augers, soil probes, tree cores, tapes, and other miscellaneous equipment.

Our equipment for paleoenvironmental analyses includes three work stations with AmScope 3.5x–45x continuous-zoom, boom-arm stereo microscopes, two new PC computers (with 24” high-resolution monitors) loaded with ArcGIS and a full suite of statistical and graphic design software, one Velmex measuring bench interfaced with Measure J2X, two WinDENDRO licenses, four CooRecorder and CDendro licenses, a 4800dpi true-resolution optical scanner, and a 2400dpi large-area optical scanner. We have two Olympus CX22 LED microscopes and two microtomes manufactured by the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL for analyses of wood anatomy. Sediment and charcoal analyses equipment includes a Malvern Mastersizer 2000E laser diffraction particle-size analyzer, Barstead/Thermolyne 6000 Muffle Furnace, sieves, and an Olympus BH 2 binocular phase contrast Microscope.