Pioneer Access Orientation is a four-day pre-orientation program for new freshmen and transfer students with disabilities. The goal of Pioneer Access Orientation is to provide students with disabilities with a solid foundation in assistive technology, self-advocacy, campus resources, social connections, and knowledge of UW-Platteville so that they will be socially and academically prepared to be successful at UW-Platteville. Students participating in Pioneer Access Orientation move into their residence hall early and participate in four days of orientation activities prior to Welcome Weekend. 

Pioneer Access Orientation Activities 
●​ Access Services Training 
     ● Photo Scavenger Hunt
     ● TRiO Student Support Services Presentation
     ● Campus Software Training
     ● Pick Up Textbooks
     ● Main Street Tour & Picnic
     ● Bystander Intervention Training
     ● Game Night
     ● Peer Q&A Panel
     ● Counseling & Health Services Tour
     ● Assistive Technology Trainings
     ● Equipment Check-out
     ● Walk My Schedule
     ● Canvas Training
     ● Team Building Activities 
     ● Campfire & S'mores​

To Participate in Pioneer Access Orientation Students Must:
●​ Register with Services for Students with Disabilities 
            ● Complete Application 
            ● Submit Documentation of Disability 
            ● Complete Intake Appointment
      ● Complete Online Registration Prior to
         August 14th Deadline
         (Students are strongly encouraged to
          complete their intake appointment
          and register early in the summer.)

"I love this program!" - Katie

"I feel way more prepared walking into my first semester of college than the average freshmen. Now I feel more ready for what is to come." - Ashley

"It was nice to get my footing before being thrown into a larger group." - Isabelle 

"I liked it for the most part. It helped me meet people on campus." - Matthew 

"It's a great way to get a little used to college life before classes start and everyone is here. It was a lot less stress and anxiety for me being able to start to know where things are.​" - Hannah

"I liked that I was able to see all the options I could use. Also being able to get out on campus before it got crazy was helpful." - Samantha

"I found the Access Services training the most useful because now I know all the services that are available to me now." -Amanda

"It helps you get to know some of the tech-knowledge and resources that are available on campus. As well as being able to explore campus and town. It will help you feel more comfortable when you come in the fall for classes." - Paige

"I really thought they [peer mentors] had a good perspective on the whole thing that could not be provided any other way.​" - Ashley