Drive-in seminars

Drive-in seminars are designed to help you successfully transition into your placement(s), apply for your initial educator’s license through the Wisconsin Department of Instruction (DPI), and begin your job search.

Two drive-In seminars are required during the semester you are student teaching. If you’re participating in an internship, you will only need to attend the first seminar, but you may attend both. A portion of the second seminar is dedicated to licensing rules and regulations and working with your licensure application.

If you are unable to attend a seminar, you’ll need to complete the assignment for that seminar. Return your completed assignment to the Clinical Experiences Office at 134 Doudna Hall or email to

Assignments are due within 10 days following the seminar and should be submitted to the Clinical Experiences Office or emailed to

Seminar 1

Review the agenda, Student Teaching and Internship Handbook, and any other handouts provided at the seminar. Discuss these resources with your cooperating teacher paying particular attention to the role of the cooperating teacher, student teacher and university supervisor, and the required forms that need to be completed and submitted to the Clinical Experiences Office. Summarize the discussion with the cooperating teacher and write a three to five-page double spaced narrative, highlighting the aforementioned material found in the Student Teaching and Internship Handbook.

Seminar 2

Upon completion of your student teaching, you must apply for your initial educator’s license through the DPI. Email Liz Runde or call 608.342.1131 to review how to apply for your license, related costs, fingerprints, timelines, and other important information. Summarize what you learned in a one to two-page double spaced paper.

You will need to write or revise a letter of application (cover letter) for a teaching position within your area of certification addressed to the building principal at the school of your choice. Be sure to include the appropriate name, address, date, salutation, and necessary information for the letter of application. The Career and Professional Development Office can assist you with key suggestions and will proof your letter.

Update your resume and submit it for review. Be sure to use your permanent address and cellphone number, not your University of Wisconsin-Platteville contact information. The Clinical Experiences Office will be of assistance to update your resume.

Arrange for a mock interview with the building principal, or person in a similar administrative position, at your placement. In a one-page double spaced paper, summarize what you learned and include some of the questions asked, your responses, how you could have improved, etc.