Welcome to the University of Wisconsin - Platteville landing page for SALUTE Veterans' National Honor Society.

In the Spring of 2019, the Wright Center for Non-Traditional and Veteran Students received approval for a new chapter of SALUTE in Platteville.  The Platteville chapter received it's first members on May 3, 2019, in a ceremony during the spring graduation celebration.  The students of SALUTE and the Platteville Student Veterans' Organization will have the opportunity to determine the future of this chapter as we move forward, to determine if it will be made a portion of the Vets' Club, or if it will become a stand alone organization on campus.  We look forward to the growth of the chapter throughout the future.

SALUTE operates by the tenants of Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, and Excellence.  These driving principles are what has made SALUTE a national organization with over 200 chapters nationwide. 

For more information about SALUTE, please visit the National website at:

Scholarship Application Process is now open.  Applicants must return fully completed scholarship applications to national by September 30, 2019.  Go here to apply: