Haz Waste

Special and Hazardous waste includes harmful and hazardous materials and products such as:

• Acid waste
• Aerosol Cans
• Asbestos containing equipment/asbestos waste
• Compressed gas cylinders
• Contaminated Labware
• Freon containing equipment (e.g. refrigerator and freezer)
• Mercury
• Oil Paint
• Photographic fixer
• Peroxide forming chemicals
• Radioactive waste
• Sharps (needles, razor blades, scalpels, etc)
• Solvent soaked rags
• Unwanted chemicals
• Used Oil/Antifreeze
• Waste solvents

NOTE! You must submit a form if you want a pickup OR drop off. Drop offs are UNACCEPTABLE

Hazardous Waste Pickup Information

Your Hazardous Waste Pickup Sheet should include the following:

-Name, Department & contact information

-Location of Hazardous waste

-Chemical name

-Potential hazard (flammable, toxic, corrosive, etc)

-Weight of each chemical

Other things to remember:

-Please for everyone's safety do not submit chemicals for pick up that are not in properly closed containers

-Please number each of your chemicals so they match numerically to the Waste Pickup Sheet

Please fill out the form below and submit a copy of your Hazardous Waste Pickup Sheet. A pickup cannot be made without an accurate and completed pickup sheet. If your pickup sheet is incomplete it may be sent back until properly filled. If you would like the Office of Safety and Risk Management to handle the clean-up of a lab, removal and cataloging of chemicals, the following rate applies: $195 removal fee + $3/lb. removed. We encourage you to contact the Office of Safety and Risk Management immediately to mitigate hazardous chemicals on our campus.

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