When you start thinking about finding a place to live off campus, there are a lot of things to think about. We can help you make an informed decision to find the right fit.

When you move off campus, you become a member of the community and are responsible for your own safety. Keep this in mind when searching for a place to live. Living off campus is very different than living in a residence hall. Each has advantages and disadvantages and students need to take these into consideration before taking the plunge to move off campus. Now that you will be living on your own, it is important to educate yourself as a tenant in Wisconsin. You will need to know your rights and responsibilities to help avoid problems before you sign your lease.

Topics related to:

  • Leases:
    • ASK for a copy of the lease in advance, and READ it carefully.
    • DON'T be pressured into signing or paying for anything that appears suspicious or that you do not understand.
    • TIP: Use your phone to take a photo of your fully executed lease (The one signed by all party's with the landlord's signature on it). This will come in handy in case you cannot find your lease when you get ready to move out.
  • Inspection - Conduct your own walk-through of the property and document any damage before you sign anything. ALWAYS BRING A FRIEND WHEN VIEWING A HOUSE OR APARTMENT! Identify any repairs that need to be made and have the Landlord put promises to repair in the lease with specific deadlines for each repair. (Wis. Admin. Code ATCP ยง 134.07)
  • Roommates
  • Pets
  • Landlord Issues
  • Tenant Resource Center
    • Landlord Entry
    • Repairs
    • Carpet Cleaning
  • Tenant Resources
  • Laws/Legal Resources
    • Legal Services
    • Housing Discrimination/Fair Housing Laws
  • Health and Safety
    • Mold Issues
    • Apartment Safety Tips
    • Safe Walk

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